Photoshoot Tips

You've booked your session. What's next? How to prepare? What should you wear? What to avoid? What are the dos and don'ts? Worry not! I've written a few helpful tips here to help you ensure a successful photoshoot.

Style Guide

My portrait photography style leans towards dark and rich tones. Therefore, to best achieve the look that you've hired me for, I strongly recommend that you and your family rock darker shades of colors fitting of the season you are in. Avoid super light colors, such as white, cream, or beige, unless accompanied with contrasted darker shades on the same outfit. For the Fall look, aim for dark or warmer shades of orange, brown, red, yellow, and green. For Winter, dark silver, gold, gray. For Spring and Summer, darker shades of pink, purple, green, red, powder blue. You don't necessarily have to be "matchy-matchy", but you can follow a color palette and dress accordingly. I've created two different style guides below to help give you a few outfit coordinating ideas.