Hi there! I'm Monique, a Southern California native. I currently reside in Orange County, CA. I’m a simple girl who loves nature, animals, puppies, ice cream, fine arts, all things lavender, and referencing The Simpsons like nobody’s business.

I have 3 rescued furbabies. Moby is a Chihuahua/Poodle mix I adopted from a shelter 6 years ago. Chewy & Daisy are both Maltese I rescued from a family who could no longer have them due to their children's allergies. These fluffballs are my everything.

In my spare time, when I'm not busy chasing birds, I work as a volunteer photographer with Bichon Rescue of Orange County, taking beautiful portraits of senior pups to help them find fur-ever homes. My other hobbies include hiking with my pup, traveling, seeking out new foodie restaurants, watching videos of cute hugging dogs.

But most of all, being a right-brained creative soul, I love telling stories of life's precious moments. Having a background in wildlife  &  landscape  photography, I love to bring my passion for nature into my wedding work. I have a journalistic and organic approach to capturing life's rawest moments. Tell me your story!

I take pride in providing top photographic quality and sharpness. Being a Canon shooter, I only use Canon's highest quality camera bodies and glass. Here's a glimpse into my gear bag:

I also share my talent and passion for photography through my vibrant images of wildlife and landscape presented on fine art quality prints offered via my online shop at My work has been displayed throughout Southern California - Orange County Arts Fair, Temecula Arts Fair, Temecula City Hall, Grace Mellman Library, Mission Viejo Library, corporate offices and personal homes all over the country. Swing on by, view my latest work, and who knows, you might love it so much that you'll want to purchase a print or two to decorate your walls!